Monday, July 06, 2015

Round 3 Results

The 3rd Round of competitions ended yesterday and all competitions are now at the quarter final stage. The play by date for quarter finals is 27th July.
The situation regarding the draw for each competition is below; I know many of you appreciate being able to keep track of all the players.

Open Singles – Quarter Final
82 E. Milsom       v              87  R. Vye
64 P. Reynolds   v              97 T Jones
85 J Rowlands    v              67 S Skinner
77 R. Leleux        v              34 N. Rushton

Men’s Singles – Quarter Final
67 S. Skinner      v              52 R Wyeth
87 R. Vye             v              64 P. Reynolds
74 P Costin          v              70 R. Matthews
101 A. CIampini v              34 N Rushton

Men’s Pairs – Quarter Final
64 P. Reynolds   v              74 P Costin
69 T. Waller         v              68 B Syme
60 J Jackson        v              87 R. Vye
34 N Rushton     v              77 R. Leleux

Mens Triples – Quarter Final
101 A. Ciampini v              28 A. Hooper.
34 N Rushton     v              74 P. Costin
57 P. Darius         v              17 G. Miller
29 B. Laws           v              82 E Milsom

Men’s Over 60 Singles – Quarter Final
77 R Leleux         v              28 A Hooper
10 J Newman     v              70 B Matthews
58 A Groves        v              89 D Walker
68 B Syme           v              42 J Clarke

Ladies Singles – Quarter Final
50 J Westlake     v              83 S. Pocknell
14 D. Rookes      v              81 R. Mayo
21 D. Hallam       v              99 A Middleton
33 K Rushton      v              63 S. Laws

Ladies Pairs – Quarter Finals
33 K Rushton      v              5 T French
54 R. Bragazza    v              14 D Rookes
30 S. Laws            v              66 M Simpson
53 A Bell               v              24 J Rush

Ladies Triples – Quarter Finals
81 R. Mayo          v              50 J. Westlake
14 D. Rookes      v              5 T. French
6 A. Greenaway                v              40 B Reed
63 S.Laws             v              65 G Richards

Mixed Pairs – Quarter Final
72 T Bond            v              84 B Putnam
82 E Milsom        v              66 M Simpson
98 C Lyons           v              67 S Skinner
14 D Rookes       v              100 P Puttock

Mixed Triples – Quarter Final
98 C Lyons           v              105 J Quesnel
39 D Cutmore    v              4 B French
72 T Bond            v              33 K Rushton

8 J Haw                 v              36 T Tidy

Monday, June 15, 2015

Last 16 Round Update

The competitions are now well underway. Thank you all for keeping us well informed with your results and causing so few problems with arranging dates to play your opponents.

A reminder that the play by date for this round is 5th July. The men's county competitions are well under way now and we know that fitting games in around these fixed dates can be difficult - especially if left to the last minute. So a plea to the home players please contact your opponents as soon as possible to offer some dates.

Good Luck.

Round 2 Results

The 2nd Round of competitions ended yesterday and all competitions are down to the last 16.
The situation regarding the draw for each competition is below; I know some of you like to keep track of all the winners and losers so here goes.

Open Singles – last 16
98 C. Lyons          v              82 E. Milsom
87  R. Vye            v              73 R. Clark
12 J. Fisher          v              64 P. Reynolds
94 D. Garside     v              97 T Jones
85 J Rowlands    v              101 A. Ciampini
58 A Groves        v              67 S Skinner
77 R. Leleux        v              33 K. Rushton
34 N. Rushton    v              42 J. Clarke

Men’s Singles – last 16
67 S. Skinner      v              85 J. Rowlands
94 D. Garside     v              52 R Wyeth
87 R. Vye             v              17 G. Miller
16 C. Farrer         v              64 P. Reynolds
59 C. Harris          v              74 P Costin
70 R. Matthews v              56 R Buckingham
101 A. CIampini v              58 A Groves
34 N Rushton     v              76 M Kirby

Men’s Pairs – last 16
39 D Cutmore    v              64 P. Reynolds
71 S. Austin         v              74 P Costin
69 R. Waller        v              97 T Jones
57 P Darius          v              68 B Syme
28 A Hooper       v              60 J Jackson
36 T Tidey            v              87 R. Vye
9 D Morley          v              34 N Rushton
77 R. Leleux        v              91 B Vass

Mixed Pairs – last 16
72 T Bond            v              33 K Rushton
29 B Laws             v              84 B Putnam
82 E Milsom        v              16 C Farrer
66 M Simpson    v              36 T Tidy
98 C Lyons           v              13 K Fisher
67 S Skinner        v              101 A Campini
50 J Westlake     v              14 D Rookes
27 D George       v              100 P Puttock

Mixed Triples – last 16
98 C Lyons           v              53 A Bell
105 J Quesnel    v              28 A Hooper
42 J Clarke           v              39 D Cutmore
27 D George       v              4 B French
72 T Bond            v              31 M Arnold
33 K Rushton      v              56 R Buckingham
8 J Haw                 v              95 M Hulbert
36 T Tidy               v              43 D Clements

Men’s Over 60 Singles – Last 16
39 D Cutmore    v              77 R Leleux
28 A Hooper       v              3 E Chilver
76 M Kirby           v              10 J Newman
70 B Matthews  v              106 D Reap
58 A Groves        v              98 C Lyons
89 D Walker        v              18 E Norris
68 B Syme           v              2 B Page
42 J Clarke           v              48 B Morgan

There were only a few preliminary games in the following competitions so I am just giving an update to who is through to the last 16. (You can them to your own sheets if you are an avid follower of all the games!)

Mens Triples – through to the last 16
101 A. Ciampini won against 91 B Vass. He will now meet 42 J Clarke.
34 N Rushton won against 47 R Graham and will now meet 60 J Jackson
105 J Quesnel lost to 17 G Miller who will now meet 20 B Budd
102 R Lee lost tp 82 E Milsom who will now meet 95 M Hulbert.

 Ladies Pairs – through to the last 16
92N Wilsher lost to 63 S Laws who will now meet 33 K Rushton.
61 L Jackson lost to 14 D Rookes who will now meet 104 C Perry
81 R Mayo lost to 53 A Bell who will now meet 88 L Wakefield

Ladies Singles and Triples start with the last 16 so no update for now.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

2015 Round 2 Last 32

A quick reminder that the play by date for this round is the 14th June. As we head towards the start of the Middlesex County competitions please try to contact your opponents with plenty of time to spare. Remember that if arranging dates becomes problematic please contact Moira who will assist or adjudicate as necessary.

Preliminary Round Results

The  preliminary rounds were all completed yesterday, 23rd May 2014. Congratulations to all those who won through to the next round. These were as follows:

Men's Singles: 67 S. Skinner, Ladygate
                         39 D. Cutmore, Harlington
                           1 J. Belle-Isle, Bessingby Park
                        87 R. Vye, Rosedale Park
                        16 C. Farrer, Denham
                         82 P. Reynolds, Ladygate
                         59 C. Harris (tbc), Ladygate
                         22 M. Hallam, Eastcote
                         79 P. Lovering, Rosedale Park
                       101 A. Ciampini, Uxbridge
                       106 D. Reap, Uxbridge
                         76 M. Kirby, Rosedale Park

Men's Pairs: 39 D. Cutmore, Harlington
                       12 J. Fisher, Cowley
                       97 T. Jones, The Mill
                      102 R. Lee, Uxbridge
                       28  A. Hooper, Fassnidge
                       87  R. Vye, Rosdale Park

Open Singles: 97 T. Jones, The Mill

A.P. Taylor Trust Grant

Hillingdon and District Bowls competitions are, once again, grateful to be in receipt of a grant from the AP Taylor Trust. We collected a cheque fro £400 from the Mayor on Friday 8th May. This will go along way towards the cost of purchasing individual trophies and engraving the main trophies.

Once again Thank you to the A. P, Taylor Trustees.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

5th May 2015

All competition draw sheets are now with the organiser at your club. Please let us know of any problems or issues as soon as possible. There are a total of 106 named competitors in the 2015 competitions. Number of entries fro each competition is as follows:

Mens Singles - 44
Mens Pairs -     39
Mens Triples -  20
Mens Over 60's Singles - 24

Ladies Singles - 14
Ladies Pairs - 19
Ladies Triples - 15

Open Singles - 33
Mixed Pairs - 29
Mixed Triples - 26

Enjoy your season.
Ron and Moira

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday Report - 2014 Hillingdon Finals

Dave Parrott retained the Over 60s title beating previous winner Derek Cutmore 21-11 on Thursday evening. Winning five ends on the trot early on with counts of 3,1,1,2,3 Parrott established a 10 - 2 lead. Cutmore hit back winning a couple of ends but could never get on terms in what was a great display of draw bowling.

The Mens pairs was a long drawn out affair with each end taking about 12 minutes. The Uxbridge defending champions Reap / Ciampini led 11 - 8 at half time. Four consecutive singles ate away the ends as the pair held Tomkins and Reynolds at bay. 13 - 10 after 14 ends extended to 21 - 11 with an end to spare.

The Open Championship saw a great match up with some high scoring ends. Six of the ends had a count of either 3 or 4 shots. Ron Le Leux led early 3 -2 but Tony Waller hit back to lead 6 - 5. Then fortune swung again Le Leux 9 - 8 up before the pendulum stretched the other way with Waller 18 - 14 to the good. Incredibly, fate swung yet again and with two massive counts of 3 then 4 shots Le Leux took the Open title for the first time, 21 - 18.

Pictures of 2014 Hillingdon Finals - Thursday

Wednesday Report on Hillingdon Finals 2014

A good evening crowd witnessed some exciting bowling in the first four finals of this year's competitions.

In the ladies triples Hayes always held the upper hand leading 8-1 after five ends and 11-5 at half-time. Court Park rallied early in the second half to too many heavy woods left the way clear for Hayes to gain consecutive counts of 3 and 1 to take a 17-8 lead after 14. They defended well enough, though losing shots on each of the last four ends and counts of 1,1,2,1 left the final scoreboard showing 17-13 to the Botwell ladies.

The ladies pairs was an all-Fassnidge affair. The Lawes / Connor combination got off to the worst possible start as they dropped 11 shots in the first four ends. Fighting back well, they got back to 10-11 after nine ends. However, the experienced pairing of Martel and Simpson scored consecutive counts of 2 and a very damaging 6 to take a 19-10 lead. The match score closed to 22-18 but the latter pair held on well to take the title.

The men's singles was an astonishing affair. Gary Miller got off to a slow start having come direct from work. Alan Hooper stormed into a 12-3 lead before the Denham, man got his weight sorted out. Miller stuck at it and won six of the next eight ends and got back to 11-16. The Fassnidge man responded with a count of 2 shots to lead 18-11, surely it was all over. Miller then showed true grit with a storming run of 1,1,1,4 to level things up at 18 each. A deuce then meant he just needed a single to reach the winning line but Hooper would not be denied and with a 2,1 finish, the Fassnidge man took the title 21-20 to thunderous applause.

The only game left on the green was the men's triples. What a match of two halves this was! The Uxbridge front end could not find their weight and the Rosedale trio, skipped by Jason Rowlands, stormed into a 7-1 lead early on. They extended this to a supposedly unbeatable 15-1 lead at half-time. Uxbridge, skipped by Ciampini, then went into game mode. Consecutive scores of 3,5,2 meant they were back in it at just 11-15 down. Rosedale then scored 3,1 to take a 19-13 lead with just four ends to play. Uxbridge powered to counts of 4,2,3 to take the title after being 14 shots down at one stage. A great evenings entertainment for the neutral.

Dennis 28/08/14

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pictures of 2014 Hillingdon Finals - Wednesday

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

2014 Finals Day Running Order

The revised timetable for the 2014 finals is as follows:-


Wednesday 27th at 5pm

Ladies Pairs (cont) Fassnidge   v   Fassnidge
Ladies Triples (cont)    Court Park   v Hayes
Men's Singles         G Miller  v A Hooper
Mens Triples          Uxbridge  v  Rosedale

Thursday 28th at 5pm

Men's Pairs (cont)      Uxbridge  v   Ladygate
Mens Over 60s           D Parrott  v  D Cutmore
The Open Championship    R Le Leux  v  T Waller

Friday 29th at 4.30

Mixed Triples         Court Park  v  Fassnidge

Monday  01 Sept at 3pm

Mixed Pairs            Rosedale   v  Rosedale

Ladies Singles to be arranged  K Rushton   v   J Westlake

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Men's Results to Aug 14th

Singles - The Final

Gary Miller of Denham plays Alan Hooper of Fassnidge

Pairs - The Final

A Ciampini / D Reap are paired up against P Reynolds / V Tomkins

Triples - Semis

Matthews    v  Reynolds (play Fri 15)
Ciampini / Reap / Jacobs booked a BH Monday slot

Over 60s - Semis

R Le Leux   v   D Parrott
D Cutmore awaits the winner of this match

Friday, May 16, 2014

Ladies Results - 2014

Singles  - The Final

K Rushton (Harefield)   v   J Westlake (Hayes)

Pairs - The Final

10 M Simpson    v    9 S Lawes in an all-Fassnidge affair

Triples - The Final

J Westlake   v  T French

Mixed Competitions - 2014

Mixed Pairs - The Final

21 R LeLeux    v   22 B Matthews (an all-Rosedale)

Mixed Triples - The Final

B French   v    B Lawes  (Ct Pk v Fassnidge)

Open Singles Championship - 2014

R Le Leux gained a finals day slot
T Waller in SF and awaits Lyn Ive

2014 - Playing for the title, the trophy and £30 cash prize.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

2014 Up and Running - Thanks Ray

Well, that's it.

All Secretaries have made it in on time; a big thank you for that. 495 entries have been received, including a last minute telephone call from Ms Connor (Hayes) to enter the ladies triples.

My sincere thanks go to Ray Lee who once again did the draw honours and, of course, came out of the hat first in every comp' he entered! No, not really.

I've now typed up the draw sheets, getting them copied over the weekend (12/13) and, once proof read, they will be collated in order to be distributed to the various clubs. Sheets should be at ALL clubs by 30 04, even if I have to drive around the borough as I did a few years ago.

Seven of the disciplines have end of May / early June first round play-by dates, but two of the most popular comps' have a first round play-by of the third week of May, so be warned.

The top competition, namely the Open Singles Championship, carries a cash prize as well as the usual trophy this year. Someone might buy a round with an extra £30 in their pocket!

Here's hoping for good weather!

Dennis Hodgkins

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Photos - 2013 Hillingdon Finals Day

Finals Day Report - 2013

The Hillingdon finals at Rosedale Park were held under terrific conditions with a decent green and perfect warm weather. A bumper crowd of over 170 witnessed some of the best bowling of the year throughout an action packed day.

Karen at the rush

Harefield’s Karen Rushton took pride of place this year winning all three finals that she took part in. Firstly, the ladies triples which saw her and colleagues Sheila Cordingley and Phyllis Blakes come from behind to take an impressive win. Down 6-9 at half-time, the Harefield trio took two consecutive counts of five shots off the Linda Jackson Ladygate entry. The rest of the ends were shared evenly but the damage had been done; Harefield winning 24-13.

After a short break Karen was back on the green doing battle with Jean Matthews of Rosedale for the singles title. Storming into an early lead, Rushton led 11-4 and again 13-8, before Matthews really kicked into gear. Forcing every end to count Matthews clawed her way back to 15-15 after a mammoth 22 ends. Rushton showed grit once again to extend to a 22-17 win in an exciting match.

Rushton’s day was completed by a win in the mixed triples watched by a huge noisy crowd. Joined by husband Nigel and Myles Arnold they were involved in the finish of the day. Mike Hulbert’s Mill BC triple held a half-time lead 10-9 but contrived to lose a massive count of six which turned the game in Harefield’s favour. Mill fought back bravely to draw level after the penultimate end 15-15 before a single shot saw the silverware go into Harefield’s trophy cabinet.

Ciampini adds to his Hillingdon titles haul

Atillio Ciampini joined with Derek Reap to provide the Uxbridge club with their first trophy of the day. In the men’s pairs they scored two early counts of five shots which set up a good lead against Dennis Hodgkins and skipper Mick Kirby of Rosedale. Always in control, the Uxbridge pair ran out 26-17 winners with an end to spare.

The match of the day, The Open Championship, saw Ciampini up against Steve Skinner of the Ladygate club. Terrific early scoring by Ciampini meant an early lead 12-6 before Skinner found his length and fought back winning three consecutive ends which included a massive count of three shots. Ciampini’s lead had been cut to 12-11, but then it was his turn to win a few ends and extended again to lead 19-15. Skinner would not be denied and a run of four ends with counts of 1-2-2-1 saw him claim the major Hillingdon title for the first time.

Ciampini was called onto the green for a third time late on in the day. He joined Uxbridge team mates Don Hazelgrove and John Geeves for the men’s triples where Stan Driver’s Cowley team were in opposition. An early count of five shots put the Cowley men in the driving seat but Uxbridge then won five ends straight to take a 14-7 advantage. Try as they might, the Cowley trio could not get back on terms as Uxbridge ended up emphatic 21-10 victors.

Geeves had earlier played in the men’s singles final which was a well contested affair. Tony Waller held leads of 11-2 and 13-8 but, although he closed to within two shots at one stage Geeves succumbed 15-21 as Waller of Ladygate added to his Hillingdon title haul.

A game of two halves is an expression in another sport but the men’s over 60s title match was a game of three thirds. Ray Lee of Uxbridge led Dave Parrott of the host club 9-6, then Parrott won five ends on the spin to take a decisive 18-9 lead before a rallying Lee countered with four winning ends to be facing only a 15-18 deficit. Parrott stepped up yet again to take the title 21-15.

In an uncompetitive match the Fassnidge pair of Angela Martel and Mandy Simpson ran out 27-12 winners in the ladies’ pairs against Ladygate.

Ray Lee joined his Uxbridge partner Moira Steven for the mixed pairs later in the day. Starting brightly, they led 9-3 after seven ends against Anicea Skinner and Chris Harris from Ladygate. Ends were exchanged and the Uxbridge pair held an impressive, almost unassailable, 13-5 lead after 11 ends, but then the wheels came well and truly off. Skinner then showed husband Steve that there was more than one bowler in the family. The Ladygate pairing won nine of the next ten ends to win comfortably 20-14 in a real game of two halves.

Organiser, Dennis Hodgkins, said that the finals had been one of the best supported in years and the separate sets of fans from different clubs added to the atmosphere on the day. Rosedale can be proud that so many of its’ members, acting as volunteers, helped to fashion such a wonderful day.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thank you to A P Taylor Trust

For the sixth year running the bowls competitions in this area have been supported by the local A P Taylor Trust. They give out monies each year to a variety of scouts, girl guide, W Is and sporting groups.

This year's donation to Hillingdon Competitions will help cover the cost of trophies, engraving and programme production for Finals Day.

Sincere thanks to all at the Trust.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The draw is done, now for the proof reading.

My thanks to Ray Lee of Uxbridge BC who did the draw at the beginning of April.

The draw sheets are typed up and are now being proof read. Sheets will be posted / delivered to members / Hon Sec's before the end of April.

The earliest first round date is in the Men's Pairs, Friday May 24 due to a large entry number.

Ray, you're a star!